If you are interested in genealogy, Sweden is the right place to live in! The Swedish church has registered people for 3-400 years.

The National Land Survey of Sweden har mapped and registered land for approximately the same period. These unique, and often beautiful, maps can be studied at the National Land Survey in Gävle and at the regional county surveyor’s offices. Recently, the NLS also has scanned a lot of  historical maps, possible to download for a fee.

Lars Olof’s family

I have separated the four branches of my family tree. My paternal grandfather’s – Johan Albert Fagerström (information updated) – branch starts with him living in Österforsse village in Långsele parish, Ångermanland, Västernorrland’s county (län). It continues back via Sollefteå bruk, Voxna bruk (Gävleborg’s county) to Dalfors bruk (Dalarna/Dalecarlia county). His great great grandfather Anders Fagerström (information updated) moved from Dalfors bruk via Voxna bruk to Sollefteå bruk.

Johan Albert’s wife’s – Margret Kristina Brännlund – branch goes back via Sollefteå parish to Helgum parish and also to Västerbotten’s county. 

Alma Margareta Holmberg, my maternal grandmother, leads us mainly to Helgum and Graninge parishes.

Per Zetterberg, my maternal grandfather, leads us back to Bollnäs, Gävleborg’s county.

Below I have published some small family groups for some friends, friends that I have

The family of J-O Fagerström, for Katharina Thäberg.

My childhood friend Lars Karlsson’s ancestors can be found here.

My cousin Margareta Molin’s ancestors can be found here.

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